Richard Moore is the Chief Instructor for Distinctive Decisions. He is a combat veteran with fifteen years in the Marine Corps, serving in 32 countries; cross-training with many host country's military proving him the ability to qualify with many foreign firearms and weapons systems. Rich began his firearms training in the US Naval Sea Cadets at Battleship Cove, Fall River Massachusetts back in 1985 and continued to progress his skillset throughout his Marine Corps and later into civilian life. During his Marine Corps career Rich was qualified both as Rifle and Pistol expert with subsequent awards for each year of service and began teaching other Marines to shoot as a Primary Marksmanship Instructor and Shooting Coach. Rich was fortunate to have attended the elite Marine Security Guard School (Department of State) where he was able to train at the FBI Academy's premier Shooting range and qualify with various firearms. Rich served with distinction at US Embassy El Salvador, and Brussel Belgium where he served as the Detachment's Reactionary Non-Commissioned Officer (responsible for training for various reactionary programs and firearms qualifications). As part of his duties he was chosen for details with the President and Vice President of the United States, Secretary of State, and other visiting Cabinet and Dignitaries. Rich's career ended as the Regimental Intelligence Chief and Acting Regimental Intelligence Officer, where he was responsible for the Scout Sniper sections, and the various Intelligence Collection groups.

As a civilian Rich has been a Licensed Private Investigator, an Adjunct Professor at two Universities in the North East, a Chief Information Security Officer, and is now a Managing Director in a Consulting Firm responsible for providing Cybersecurity Solutions. He continues to be a firearm enthusiast and active firearms instructor. Qualifications are listed below:

Instructor Qs:
NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
NRA Certified Home Safety Firearms Instructor
NRA Certified Personal Protection Inside The Home Instructor
NRA Certified Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor
USMC Primary Marksmanship Instructor

Firearms Qs:
NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
NRA Certified Defensive Pistol
NRA Basic Pistol
NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home (BASIC & ADVANCED)
USMC Rifle Expert (w/ Subsequent Awards)
USMC Pistol Expert (w/ Subsequent Awards)
USMC Shotgun Qualified
USMC MAC 10 Qualified
USMC H&K MP 5 Qualified
USMC M40 and .50 Barett Qualified
Legacy & Foreign Weapons Qualified - AK platforms; Israeli Galil and Uzi; FN FAL, G1, and SCAR; SVD and variants; RPD Light Machine Gun; PKM Heavy Machine Gun; RPG and variants; Styer AUG; Sturmgewehr 58; FAMAS; Mosin-Nagant; Springfield ’03, M14, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine; Lee Enfield, Mauser, H&K 33, SA80;

15 Years in the U.S. Marine Corps 1988 - 2003

USMC - 0351 Infantry Assaultman
USMC - 8531 Primary Marksmanship Instructor
USMC - 8541 Scout Sniper
USMC - 8111 CRRC Coxswain
USMC - 8151 Marine Security Guard (Department of State, U.S. Embassy)
USMC - 0291 Intelligence Chief

USMC Small Unit Leaders Course
Combat Water Safety Swimmer Qualified
Desert Survival Course
Scout Swimmer Course
Amphibious Reconnaissance School
Jungle Survival Course (Northern Training Area and Philippines)
Close Quarters Battle course
Coxswain Small Craft School
Department of State Marine Security Guard School
Federal Bureau of Investigations firearms course
Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Bomb School
Counter Terrorism Course
SIG Firearms Course
PR-24 and ASP Baton Certified
Israeli Defense Forces Krav Maga training
Close Quarters Battle course
USMC Sergeant’s Course
Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training - 0231Intelligence Specialist
Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training - 0299 Intelligence Chief
Survive, Escape, Resist, Evasion School
Mountain Warfare School
Cold Weather Survival School
USMC Staff Academy
USMC Advanced Staff Academy
USMC Warfighting School
Force Protection Course
Foreign Internal Defense Course

Current Occupation
Managing Director - Cyber Security

Quinsigamond Community College - Criminal Justice
University of Rhode Island - BS Management of Information Systems
Norwich University - MS Information Assurance